Take on the role of 'Prophet' as he returns to New York, only to discover that the city has been encased in a Nanodome created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. Within the Liberty Dome, seven distinct and treacherous environments become known as the Seven Wonders. This dangerous new world demands advanced weapons and tactics. Prophet will utilise a lethal composite bow, an enhanced Nanosuit and devastating alien tech to become the deadliest hunter on the planet.Crysis 3 is coming in early 2013...
Visual Effects and Cinematics, the latest video in the Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Series, focuses on what makes Max Payne 3 a uniquely cinematic action game thanks to a series of presentation innovations that move the game seamlessly from cutscene to gunplay and from one chapter to the next, resulting in an immersive experience that keeps the player locked in Max's dark and twisted story. But there is more! In honor of the highly-anticipated return of Max Payne in this May's Max...
Our latest feature on the wide range of high-powered weaponry from Max Payne 3's awesome arsenal focuses on the Mini-30 rifle - a deadly piece of kit that's built like a tank and packs the punch of one too. Whether at a distance via scope or at close quarters, the rapid fire and lightweight nature of this rifle makes short - and messy - work of enemies.Remarkably sturdy while incredibly light to carry, the powerful Mini-30 is the weapon of choice for when Max needs to gun – and run – his way...
Today we present #1 of Max Payne 3 wepons. The 608 Bull is a large frame revolver packing eight rounds of staggering firepower that can be shot very accurately over short distances. Typically found in the hands of paramilitary outfits like the U.F.E., the 608 can be single or dual-wield for versatile handgun shooting.Just look at some screens:         Or nice action video:Lets hope that other weapons will look as good as this one :)
Age of Empires Online is the next chapter in the best-selling Age of Empires PC game franchise. The game features two of the greatest ancient civilizations–the Greeks and Egyptians–and offers more than 40 hours of gameplay for free!And that’s just where the experience starts! As players grow their empires and look for new adventures, Age of Empires Online delivers the opportunity to buy new Premium Content Packs – everything from entirely new civilizations to Booster Packs with new game modes...
Very few but lucky folks will be able to get copies of Mass Effect 3 several days ahead of time. BioWare and EA will be attaching copies of the game to balloons in several locations around the world, about next week and then launching them into the air. says that balloons will be launched in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris. Each copy of the game will have a GPS unit attached and fans will be able, to track the game copies on the Mass Effect 3 page. If...
Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed four-player cooperative shooter-looter that combined intense first-person mayhem with role-playing gameplay. Living up to the mantra "bigger, better and more badass," Borderlands 2 features all-new characters; skills; imaginative, diverse new environments with unique missions and enemies; and more exciting and fun weapons, equipment and loot than ever before. All of these features come together in a story that takes players to the world of...
We’re pleased to announce a partnership with USAopoly to release fresh takes on two classic board games. Monopoly®: World of Warcraft® and RISK®: StarCraft® combine tried-and-true foundations with new visual designs inspired by our popular gaming universes.Those who dare to engage will discover a new chance to claim supremacy, both over their friends and over the battle-torn lands of Azeroth and the Koprulu Sector.These games will formally debut at the 109th annual Toy Fair this Sunday,...
Alan Wake is already available for PC. You can download this game from Steam. Besides Remedy Entertainment says that they want this game to be available for as many people as it can. They don't care if some of them will pirate their game. They simply think that some of pirates will buy original version after playing their game or they will buy a expansion/continuation. And if not, well it doesn't matter that much for them. I personally think that thanks this approach they will simply sell more...
New Mass Effect 3 trailer appear on the web. It looks amazing !"Mass Effect 3 will begin on Earth, with Commander Shepard on trial for the consequences of his/her actions in the Mass Effect 2 DLC pack Arrival. During the trial, Earth is attacked by Reapers. Faced with insurmountable odds, Shepard is forced to flee the planet in order to gather support from alien civilizations and mount a counter-attack while also having to deal with Cerberus, who have decided to turn against him/her. It is...




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